[fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=”how to get the most from your experience:”]FOUR STEPS:[/fancy_header]

[one_fourth][service_box icon=”fa-envelope-o” title=”1. Email Me” icon_type=”font”]Email a description of what you want being as specific as possible.[/service_box]

[one_fourth][service_box icon=”fa-comments-o” title=”2. I’ll Respond” icon_type=”font”]I’ll email back with follow-up questions and eventually a quote.[/service_box]

[one_fourth][service_box icon=”fa fa-paint-brush” title=”3. We Get Started” icon_type=”fa-font”]You’ll make a non-refundable 50% deposit via PayPal and I begin![/service_box]

[one_fourth_last][service_box icon=”fa-picture-o” title=”4. Art!” icon_type=”font”]I’ll send your art electronically and you’ll complete your payment.[/service_box]


Contact me to get started!

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