JAM City Children’s Church Set Design

This was printed at 8′ tall on vinyl, cut out and mounted to paneling to create a stage set for JAM City Children’s Church. The theme was The Garden of Eden so I did up the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (left) and the Tree of Life (right).

Curriculum Covers

I had the opportunity to do these covers for 12 weeks of curriculum for the Regular Baptist Press.

IMPACT Characters

I recently completed a series of six characters for IMPACT Children’s Ministries. Each character reflects one of the six purposes of the ministry.

Jr High Curriculum Cover Art

I recently completed this piece for the Regular Baptist Press. This is the cover art for a Jr High Teachers Manual featuring several Judges: Samson, Deborah, Gideon and Ehud.

RockBand Pedal Art

Sticker art for after-market wooden drum pedals for the game, Rock Band.